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WeLcoMe To CrAzyTeXt GeNeRaToR - aLaY t3xT g3NeR4t0r @ ALAY.TK

Here you can change your name in a crazy text. Which for example you can use for msn messenger, yahoo messenger, myspace, friendster or facebook. Make your very own cool text effect message using this Crazy Text Generator!
It works very simple: Type in your msn, myspace or any other name or the text you want to use in the upper field and click on the button with "Go Crazy!". You will see in the empty fields now your (msn) name in 6 different fonts.
Below you will see the results, just copy and paste the generated CrAzy TeXt of your choice to use it! Of course you can type what you want instead of a name you can also fill in other texts such as: "I love you" and surprise your friends with your strange font.

Enter Your Own Text!

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